5 Things People Who Reach Their Fitness Goals Do

With over 30 years combined experience in helping people reach their fitness goals, we’ve seen many people reach their goal of getting in shape in staying that way. We’ve also seen people not be as successful. What did the successful people do that the others didn’t?  Listed below in no particular order are 5 things that successful people do.

5. They have a plan.

Most people set goals with no idea how to reach them. Those people are doomed to fail. Successful people know that in order to achieve something it will most likely come at the sacrifice of something they are already doing.  Whether it’s working out 3 days per week or taking extra time to prepare and cook meals, successful people have a plan in place to get what needs to be done accomplished.

4. They know there “Why”.

Making permanent change in your life is hard. Your reason for wanting to make that change has to be strong too. Successful people identify powerful reasons to make the change they are seeking too power them through times they feel like giving up.

3. They understand the “slight edge”.

Successful people know that success doesn’t come from a single huge effort, but from small changes done daily. They do the things daily that are easy not to do. Those slight differences over time add up to significant results.

2. They surround themselves with supportive people.

It’s been said that you are the average of the people with whom you are surrounded. Doesn’t it always seem like the minute you work up the guts to make a change, those around you try to pull you back?

Successful people make an effort to find supportive people in their lives that will help them stay on track. They make friends at the gym, work-out in groups and seek the advice of experts.

1.They are patient.

Successful people know that making a permanent change in their life takes time. They don’t panic when things don’t go exactly right or take longer than expected. They understand that if they don’t want to keep starting over, they can never give up.