A fitness training program proven successful with hundreds of adults who want to look, move, and feel better every day.


You have the power to transform your body and your life and feel amazing –

no matter your age or current fitness level.

We find that most men and women over 40 struggle with losing weight and feeling their best. They feel out of place and uncomfortable at the gym, so they make excuses like “I don’t have time” to avoid going.


Our members come in all shapes, sizes and physical conditions.  They have the normal aches and pains of people aged 40+, and may have more significant issues that affect the way they move or feel.


Move Better is one of the best in the area at modifying and customizing programs to meet member’s individual needs.


We believe that a personalized program along with great coaching, a strong friendly fitness community, and a dose of accountability is what most people need to achieve real sustainable results. So, we created Move Better to provide the tailored programming of personal training mixed with the community aspect of group fitness.


Fitness… Nutrition… Mindset… Accountability  




Our team of expert coaches is ready to help you achieve your health and wellness goals. 

We’re here to motivate, educate, and inspire you to become your best self so you can create your best life. 

We invest our resources in continuing education about exercise, nutrition, mindset transformation, stress management and other areas that help us deliver better programs, products and services to the people we work with. 

Every day we work to become the best version of ourselves and to bring that best to our members. 

We won’t settle for less… and neither should you.