Move Better is a different kind of gym.

It’s a place for busy people over 40 to work out in an environment that’s safe, supportive and fun.

We help you lose weight, get stronger, improve your health, so you feel better than you have in years.

We believe that a personalized program along with great coaching, a strong friendly fitness community, and a dose of accountability is what most people need to achieve real results.

That’s why you’re always working with an expert Move Better coach who will help customize YOUR program around YOUR needs and goals.

And our experience with many members over the years tells us that you’ll feel better walking out the door after your workout than you did when you came in!

The best way to know us is to come in and experience Move Better for yourself!

Adult Fitness

Small Group or Individual Personal Training

In the gym or online, it’s all about being safe, efficient and effective.

You’ll you target your less-than-perfect movement patterns so you quickly begin looking, moving and feeling better.

Nutrition and Wellness

Whether your goal is decreasing stress, eating better or simply feeling great in your own skin, our wellness and nutrition programs help you break down your big goals into small steps that fit into your everyday life and can lead to large, long-lasting changes. 

Perfect as a primary focus or as an add-on to our adult fitness programs!

Youth Sports Performance

Youth Sports Performance programs emphasize building a solid athletic foundation while remaining focused on each athlete’s individual needs and goals.

Athletes become stronger, faster and less likely to become injured.

Don’t look back a year from now and wish you’d started today!