I wanted to start feeling better and get rid of some aches and pains that pop up from time to time.Past years I would play golf and wake up the next morning crippled…..now I play golf and wake up feeling good!  Joe S.

I was always an active person but just wasn’t sticking to a regular exercise routine. I am sooooo glad I tried Move Better!! I feel stronger than I can remember being. My core is stronger than ever. And my minor low back issues have resolved.  It doesn’t matter what level of exercise you are starting at. You will feel VERY comfortable there. Monika A.

I like to feel at home when I join a gym. I look for cleanliness of the facility, structured programs, state of the art equipment, and most importantly, friendliness of the staff and members. In my fast-paced lifestyle, I am able to accomplish a full body workout in one hour. Their client-centered approach and boutique-style atmosphere set them apart from any fitness center in this area. They challenge you to strive harder every week because they know you can!  – Shareena B.

I think a lot of older women are afraid to move because of health problems that already exist and as a result, end up completely sedentary. I didn’t want that to be me. At least try it. You’ll find that you CAN do it.  – Tara M.

This place has changed my life. I am fitter now than I have been since high school! The trainers are outstanding. They know their stuff and they are great motivators. This is hands down the best fitness place I have ever joined. Thank, Move Better!!!  – Leesa M.